Mumbai Nagara Viduthi

Details about the Nagara Viduthi

The Mumbai Nagara Viduthi is proposed to be built in Mulund, a suburb in Mumbai.



Appeal to Nagarathars


In Mumbai, the commercial capital of India, there are about 250 Nagarathar families living for the last many years. Mumbai Nagarathars have been supportive of one 
another and have a registered association known 'Bombay Nagarathar Social and Cultural Association' (BNSCA) for the last 36 years.

Mumbai is one of the promising places of of employment for youngsters, while for businessmen it remains a main port of connectivity. Hence there is a constant inflow
of Nagarathars from Tamilnadu and various other parts of the world to Mumbai. Mumbai being one of the costliest cities in India, in terms of property and real estate,
no wonder the cost of accomodation in the suburbs is no less than Rs 18,000 per sqr feet. Hotel accomodations are equally expensive that a newcomer finds it difficult
to stay for long periods.

Though each and every part of the country we have Nagara viduthis, till date we do not have a Viduthi in Mumbai for people of our community. As in most of the other
prominent cities across India, BNSCA intends to construct a viduthi for the benefit of Nagarathars across the world.

Listed below are the benefits envisaged for the constructing a viduthi of our own

- Nagarathar youngsters who get an opportunity to work in Mumbai can avail accomodation for a short period till they find one for themselves.
- Nagarathars who are coming on temporary assignments can stay in the viduthi   
- Nagarathars who are on short business visits can stay
- Nagarathar families visiting Mumbai on tour can use the viduthi

On a larger perspective, the need to construct a viduthi at Mumbai is immediate. We are happy to inform you that the required land has already been purchased. Cost of
stay and living expense being so high in Mumbai, the construction cost is no way economic. The viduthi construction cannot happen without the support of broad minded
Nagarathars like you.

We appeal to all of you to generously contribute to the noble cause and be a proud part of history.

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